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Join My Ecochallenge Team

Are you ready to take some necessary positive action for our planet? 

Join my "Cooper Climate Collab Lab" team to earn points through good deeds for the Earth Month Ecochallenge 2022: Sustainable Development Goals. 

What is the Earth Month Ecochallenge?

This is a month-long challenge to take habit-forming positive climate action. From April 1-30, 2022, you commit to trying and doing new things that contribute positively to the environment. Choose from a list of fun actions to encourage new habits in your life. This year they've created actions/categories based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Who is Nicole Cooper?

I am an artist and climate advocate seeking to further grow my knowledge, connections, and action toward a healthier, more sustainable planet.

Why Did I Start a Team? 

My paintings are inspired by biology and time. It is through scientific reading that I've come to realize the massive impact humanity has on our shared planet. Even now, we're all witnessing increased heat waves, flooding, drought, forest fires, storms as a result of human-caused climate change. It's such a large issue, it's difficult to know where to begin. By gamifying action, the Ecochallenge is an excellent way to bring necessary change into your life.

Why Do We Need to Act Now?
According to recent reports, we need to take large-scale action immediately to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. The Ecochallenge has expertly broken this down into actionable learning and tasks for us. Whether you are new to climate action or an expert, the actions you choose can make an impact. I believe this Ecochallenge is a pathway to build the habits to get us there. 

Join my "Cooper Climate Collab Lab" team, where you are more than a team member, you are an active collaborator of change. 

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