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Upcoming Exhibitions


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People & The Planet


Saturday, August 5, 2023
4:00 - 7:00 PM


August 2 - 27, 2023

Touchstone Gallery
901 New York Avenue NW

Washington DC 20001

People and The Planet is a juried exhibiton that invited artists to think about our world and the humanity within it—how humans interact with the earth and all of its inhabitants. Artists were encouraged to submit pieces that explore: environmental & social issues, human interactions with nature, travel, climate change, natural materials & resources, population & development, Indigenous perspectives, changing landscapes, connections to the land, new discoveries, and more. 

I am please to have my Coral Bleaching Mask (inquire) accepted to this group exhibition. Corals under stress expel their colorful algae symbiotic partners, revealing the bone-white coral skeleton beneath. Here, upcycled plastics become coral-like forms protruding from a netted, primarily white and red monster. Through the eyes, a classic View Master toy displays pristine seascapes to the viewer. This mask challenges persistent childhood fantasy with the stark reality of our polluted, rapidly-warming oceans.

People & The Planet
Art for Climate Change


Art for Climate Change


"Art for Climate Change: Unequivocable, Fragile, Hopeful"

Produced by Academy-Award Winning filmmaker Juan Carlos Zaldivar

Friday, October 15, 2021 at 1:45 PM (CST)

Now available to view online (link below)

Art for Climate Change

Platforme Planet Earth

I am honored to have my painting "Change of Heart" selected for both opportunities.

"Art for Climate Change" is a curated digital exhibition telling the story of climate change today. 23 talented and passionate artists have been selected from across the globe in this first edition show, which is intentionally comprised of digital content only to leave minimal carbon footprint.

In addition, this digital exhibition has been produced as a 16-minute short film entitled "Art for Climate Change: Unequivocable, Fragile, Hopeful" by Academy-Award Winning filmmaker Juan Carlos Zaldivar. It premiered at 193 Gallery in Paris on October 15th.

The film is available in separate 3 parts, my work appears in Part 3: Hopeful.

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