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Artist Statement

My aim is to provide an artistic space for the viewer to process the complex emotions brought on by our climate crisis, to help find the strength and hope to change.

My life-sized figurative oil paintings use energetic brushwork, vivid colors, and the human form to explore humanity as a living, evolving force. I visually break down the body to reveal the spark of life—from the interweaving of body systems that sustain a single person’s life to the connections between individuals across generations. We are biologically woven into our time and place in the contemporary world. Similarly, the action or inaction we take today ripple forward affecting the future.

What started as exploratory paintings rooted in evolutionary biology have quickly evolved to express my growing concern for an uncertain future on this planet. As we are stricken with a climate emergency that challenges the human species, I am in pursuit of a creative vision for the inner change necessary to adapt. My vivid paintings reflect real feelings—worry, fear, but also connection, intuition, strength—that become vivid manifestations of the life force inside the flesh and blood body.


Nicole Cooper. Change of Heart, oil on canvas, 40 x 30 inches, 2020.

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