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Climate Resources

It is a part of my mission to provide education and resources to help others take action on our climate. Here find a list of climate resources that you may find useful.


IPCC Sixth Assessment Report on Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability >>

Review NASA's Global Climate Change, Vital Signs of the Planet resources >>


Learn how you can build sustainable habits by taking an ecochallenge. (You can also reach out to me if you'd be interested in organizing a challenge together). >>


We need immediate large-scale, government action to limit the effects of climate change. Tell your legislator where you stand.

Call4Climate - Super easy way to call your Senators! It directly connects you with your legislators and even shows you what to say based on your concerns. >>


Nicole Cooper. Rise (diptych), Oil on canvas, 66 x 41 in, 2020. Inquire >

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